Important information: Please take note that the cost for advertising is different on @AmazingCars247 and @StancedAutohaus due to market outreach size. We do allow deals to be made where an advertiser may purchase advertisements on both pages at the same time. If you or your business was mainly looking for advertising on @AmazingCars247, but might want a couple of extra posts on @StancedAutohaus to obtain that extra publicity, let us know in the "MESSAGE" portion of the @AmazingCars247 form. Thank you.

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The need for expanding your business online has become higher and higher over the last couple of years. Here at @AmazingCars247, the growth pages can experience depends on how much they promote and what they are promoting. 
Here are some of the performance statistics that @AmazingCars247 obtains.

Daily average of total impressions: 1,500,000 - 2,500,000 

Weekly average of total impressions: 10,000,000 - 17,500,000

Monthly average of total impressions: ~300,000,000

Information was gathered via Instagram's Analytics as of November 2017. 

Please fill out the correct form that you are wanting to advertise on. If you wish to advertise on both pages, please fill out the @AmazingCars247 and mention that in the "MESSAGE" section of the form. Thank you.

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All of the advertising associated with M85 Media, LLC, is done through the Instagram pages @AmazingCars247 and @StancedAutohaus.

M85 Media, LLC, does offer businesses to help grow their brand through the @AmazingCars247 and @StancedAutohaus Instagram pages. There are terms and conditions that each business and/or person looking to grow their page must read and agree to. The terms will be provided via email when discussing promotions.

If you are interested in growing your page/brand/business, fill out the form below!

NOTE: Personal pages will not be promoted. Only pages that belong to businesses or automotive photographers are allowed to be promoted on @AmazingCars247 and/or @StancedAutohaus.

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